It’s Monday! What are you Reading?

1Happy Monday! It has been forever since I have written a blog, but today was my first day of my eight week student teaching experience in a middle school library. I am nervous that I won’t get a lot of reading time this next semester, because when I don’t, I tend to drop everything and read every time I get too overwhelmed which is never a good thing.

2In the last few years my reading choices have been scattered between a variety of genres that encompassed the adult and young adult areas in a library. Lately most good books that have been published in recent years are always a part of a series. I like series of books but I tend to get bored easily because I read really fast and then I have to wait a long time for the next book.

Luckily on my to-read list, I am planning on re-reading a series I have already read once when I was in elementary to high school and another series that while it is new to me, it is completely finished so I won’t have to wait for the next book. 🙂

8The first series I am going to read is the Harry Potter series. I read them as they were published after the first movie came out but since they were so long I never read them again. I fell in love with the historical fiction drama after reading the American girl series in elementary school but I fell in love with fantasy after reading the Harry Potter series. In the last few months, I have become obsessed with the Harry Potter world, and while reading fan-fiction on Pinterest and watching the 8 amazing movies, but I figured it was time to go back to the source. 🙂 I bought the three additional books which include the Fantastic Beasts, Beadle the Bard and History of Quidditch when I visited the studio in London in the Spring of 2014 and now I am ready to fall in love with Harry Potter again.

9As well as re-reading the Harry Potter series I am also going to read the Mortal Instrument and the Infernal Devices series which I have been told needs to be read intertwined. I read the first book my freshman year of college, but since I had to borrow the book from my cousin I never did get past that first book and now I am ready to start again. I know many people didn’t like the movie that came out but I look at it as I would have never looked into reading it if it wasn’t for that movie. I got the 4th book City of Fallen Angels (Mortal Instruments series) and Clockwork Angel (Infernal Devices) books for my birthday and then I got the first three books for Christmas so I think I have enough books to keep me busy while I finish finding and buying the rest of the series.

3I know that I won’t get to read as much as I want to since I will have to spend my nights creating lesson plans, grading papers and preparing the next days activities, but my lunch is earlier than all of the other teachers so I think I will use my half hour of lunch to get in so reading time. Well I know this post was a little scattered but I am so excited to experience my student teaching semester and to read two series that will keep me busy all the way into the summer.

As always, Happy Reading!


Summer Reading :)

pic2Happy Monday! I have officially been on summer break for an entire week! YAY! I don’t think I read the entire finals week but I made up for it this last week. The weekend of Mother’s day was a lot colder then I expected but oh well it is beautiful now. I am currently sitting in a Starbucks in Spokane Washington where I will be living for the summer with my dad. I am currently working part time with my dad as a housepainter but I am hoping to find another job that isn’t outside in the burning sun.

pic1As I said in my last blog post of the semester I am determined to continue this blog both for myself because I am finally used to blogging every week and also I need this to let me know what I books I like and don’t like. Also this is a great place for me to send people when they ask for a book recommendation or they are wondering what I have been reading lately. The biggest change for this summer blog rather than last semester blog is that it isn’t going to be only about YA books although I am still reading them.

pic3Last Monday before I drove to my dad’s, I hauled all of my boxes of books (five: 30-40 lbs boxes) out and organized them while deciding which books I wanted to bring with me. If you keep up to date with my goodreads account you can see that  I added a bunch to my read pile and some to my to-read pile. I am wishing that goodreads had a to-reread pile so I can remember so I won’t feel like I am experiencing de’ja vu when I start reading a book that I thought was brand new. It took me nearly three hours to organize all of the boxes by labeling them by either author or topic and I do have to say that I will always need a two bedroom apartment when I finally graduate just to have room for all of the shelves that my books are going to be set on. 🙂

pic4So most of the books I read this week were from going through my books and finding some that I haven’t read ever or at least in a few years. The first book I read was Impetuous by Candace Camp. It is a historical romance that was published in 1998. The story-line sort of starts like Romeo and Juliet with two English families who have been feuding for over 150 years. It is due to Maggie Verrere running away with her lover on the night of her wedding to Sir Edric Neville and the Spanish dowry disappearing at the same time. Now fast forward 150 years and after awkward first meeting Cassandra Verrere and Sir Philip Neville must team up together to find the clues left by Maggie to find the hidden dowry. I love romance novels and I think the best ones are the ones that aren’t all smut but also has a great story-line and this is a great one. The dialogue between these two is great and the secondary characters including Cassandra’s siblings, aunt and cousin and Sir Philip’s grandmother, mother and sister make the story enjoyable to read. Candace Camp is always a great choice when just starting out reading romance novels especially if you like historical fiction. I didn’t know until I was looking online but Candace Camp also wrote three other books that are similarly named so maybe they are a part of series. I am definitely planning on finding out.

pic5The second book I read this week was Kiss of Pride by Sandra Hill. It is another romance book but it is more of a contemporary fantasy romance (how many genre’s can you fit in a book?) It is the first of a series of seven. It follows seven Viking brothers who 1100 years ago were punished by God for being the worst offenders of the seven deadly sins. At first God wanted to just send them to hell but after the archangel pleaded to give them a second chance, God turned them into Viking Vampire Angels (VIK) who would help defeat the fallen Angel Jasper’s own hellish vampires. The first book follows the oldest brother Vikar whose sin is Pride as he tries to prepare for the century-annual reaping where the archangel meets with the VIK’s to judge their progess towards salvation. Along the way he meets Alexandra Kelly who came for an interview but has to stay due to her contemplation of sin being a nectar to the hellish vampires. I loved this story when I read it three or four years ago and I liked it even more now. The interaction between all of the VIK, between Micheal and the VIK’s and also how these seven brother’s sins influenced each of their personalities. Sandra Hill really stays focused on the story between Vikar and Alexandra but shows each of the brothers just enough that you are looking forward to their own story.  Also just look at the cover the descriptions of each man is enough to make anyone want to start to drool. 🙂

pic6The third book that I read this week was on my Kindle and I am pretty sure I have read this book, or various parts of this book multiple times since I got it in December. Highland Treasure by Mary McCall is another historical fiction book set in 1081-1082 Scotland. It follows a young woman named Hope who after a childhood filled with beatings and terror caused by her Norman father, Baron Nevilles travels to the Scottish highlands to return a famed weapon and son back to the clan Chief Leonce McPherson. Although she was planning on leaving soon afterwards a terrible injury results in her staying where she is tricked into wedding Leonce and their adventure of falling in love begins. This is a prequel to the Sisters by Choice series but it is a stand alone book too. I really liked this book but you can tell that the author did her research on the customs and styles of that time because the men are extremely dominate and while the women are great at showing the men the errors of thinking that all women should be submissive you want to hit the men on the head for their high handedness. I love the character of Hope and she is the perfect mixture of a spunky minx and a gentle sweet girl and the way she talks and acts makes you want to meet her. the character of Leonce is great too and he has a lot more patience for Hope then others would want and he shows his love for her through his every action. Again the secondary characters in this book are great and after reading it once you want to open it back up and the beginning and read it again.

pic7On Saturday, my dad and I went to the Barnes and Noble and while I was hoping to get a job I ended up buying a couple new books, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. These two books are the only assigned books that I actually liked and I am about 100 pages into the Book Thief and I am loving this book all over again. A couple years ago, the Chadron librarians got this book that was a list of the best books of the last decade or something. When I first got this list I was planning on reading them that summer and then it just didn’t happen but this summer I am planning on trying to follow these books again. I am excited to read books like Life of Pi, The Secret Life of Bees, The Perks of Being a Wallflowers and many others. Well that’s all I’ve read this week but thankfully my dad is just as big of a reader as I am so I think the plan for next weekend is to hike up one of the mountain trails to find a good place to read a book for the day!

Have a great week and happy reading!!!!

Course Work Survey

book3Happy Wednesday! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful day! I am currently in Rapid City finishing up the last of my O & P hours and so I am doing this blog in a downtown Starbucks! 🙂  Making this post is bittersweet because I am so happy that the semester is over but I really liked the class and I am sad to have to say goodbye to it.

While I have read many books this semester both for my college classes: 6-7, for my personal pleasure: 20-30, and I have read about 31 books for my adolescent literature class. I have enjoyed reading a wide diversity of books I think I still enjoy reading fantasy and historical fiction the best.

alexieI have found some new favorites this semester in the YA genre both from our assigned reading list like The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie. I was able to relate to the storyline and any book that make me cry by the end will get praise and I will recommend this book to many people in the future.

I also found a few new favorites after walk along the YA book shelves in the library. My favorites are Hurt Go Happy by Ginny Rorby, The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman and Page by Paige by Laura Lee Gulledge. I think Hurt Go Happy should be added to the required reading list it was so good. I loved the development of this new and magical land that was found in the Golden Compass. I found out that I do like Graphic novels and my perceptions of them were completely wrong after  I read Page by Paige.

rorby golden-compass page by paige

book2I can’t believe that during this semester I was able to participate in a blog something I have tried to do multiple times and I have published 23 blogs. I think my favorite blog posts this semester would have to be It’s Monday What are you reading? on February 16, 2015 because I read so many good books that week and also my blog Why won’t students read what is assigned on February 6, 2015 because I was really interested on that topic and I think it showed in that blog.

I also really liked reading my fellow students blogs and while I did usually comment on whatever blog interested me the most that week most of the time it was Maggie Anderson and Staci Brandners blogs that I commented on the most.

book1I am planning on continuing to add posts to my blog to keep up with what I am reading especially since I am planning on being a librarian I can use this blog as my weekly book talk and also as a way to recommend different books to my future students. This summer  I am hoping to finish the Chronicles of Narnia series and I am hoping to start the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series but if you follow my Goodreads account you an see that I still have a lot of books in my to read section that I plan on reading and also adding to.

Last semester I did an book8internship to see if I really wanted to work in a school library or if I was a better fit in a public library. I learned that I would fit better in a school library because my main passion is trying to motivate my students into becoming readers and I thought that a school library would be the place to be. When I decided to change my major to education three years a go I was really bummed that Chadron doesn’t have a reading endorsement and while I know that I would never bee a good English teacher I am more determined to add my third endorsement in reading as soon as I find a job, thanks to both this class and my elementary literature class last fall.

I hope everybody has a great summer and I hope everybody keeps reading and posting so my to-read pile never gets shorter! Happy Reading!

It’s Monday (Tuesday)! What are you reading?

My reading spot in the park on Thursday!
My reading spot in the park on Thursday!

Happy Tuesday! I hope dead week has gotten to you yet. I am so glad that the end of the semester is in sight because I need a brain vacation for a couple weeks before my summer class starts in June.

This week on Thrusday after a stressful week of papers and teachers meetings and everything else I had an afternoon off so I rode my bike down to the park and laid out a blanket and spend the afternoon reading a book and listening to music. It was amazing. That day my sister also texted me to tell me happy book day so I told her that I should read a book to celebrate. Which I did! 🙂



the-voyage-of-the-dawn-treaderThe book I read was the 6th book in the Chronicles of Narnia series The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis. I am sad that I only have one book left in the series but also excited because I have no memory of what the last book in the series is about and so it will be like reading it for the first time again. I own the movie of this book so I felt myself constantly looking for the differences between the two. This book follows Edmund and Lucy who travel to Narnia with their cousin Eustace to join the sailing adventure to find out seven banished lords who were friends with King Caspian. This book has everything you would ever want in a fairy tale adventure where the characters meet mystical beasts, ponds that turn everything to gold, retired stars and thier daughters and the mystery of what happens when you reach the end of the world. I really liked this story because while it still follows Lewis’s other books where he is telling the story as though he heard it from another person who was there it, the story was still exciting and it left you excited to see what they will find on each island and also find out what has happened to each of the seven banish lords.


f0e57aab8d823aec97d027050cebe12c_resizedThis week I am hoping that I can finish the last book in this series. I was hoping to start Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series and also complete the His Dark Materials series but I guess I will have to add those to my summer reading list which is already pretty long. I am planning on continuing this blog because I have enjoyed keeping track of my reading list but I since it isn’t just for adolescent literature anymore I think I will talk about the more adult themed books I read and post every couple weeks instead of every week.

Have a greate summer break and happy reading!

It’s Monday (Tuesday)! What are you Reading?

9bc29e65dd3a608b8c077dfbcffd8ac0Happy Tuesday! I apologize for this being late. I woke up yesterday with reality setting in telling me that I only have three weeks to get a ton of stuff done. So I was in and out of different teacher’s offices, trying to get ahead on some homework and completely spaced the fact that  I needed to do this blog!




[UNSET]This week I read two more graphic novels, because I am just to stressed to focus on anything else, these last couple weeks! The first graphic novel I read was called Castle Waiting Volume 1 by Linda Medley. This book is the first of the Castle Waiting Omnibus Collection series. It starts out with the story of the castle, home of sleeping beauty who upon waking left the castle as fast and she could and was never seen again. After she left the castle became a refuge for odd people including a steward with a beak, a knight who is a horse without a tail, a nun with a beard, and a young lady who gives birth to a green baby. The book then tells of the journey of Lady Jain (the pregnant girl) and how she found her way to the castle, ther story of the knight and bird beaked man getting supplies for the upcoming winter and the last half of the book tells the adventures of Sister Peaceful (the nun with a beard). This story was good and the characters were well developed and it was fun to see what Linda Medley would think of next. It is like she opened her Grimm storybook and her Mother Goose tales and tweaked them to make them different and fun to read. While the book doesn’t have any colored pictures besides the front cover the drawings are detailed and fun to look at. I think this is a great read and would recommend this book to anyone who like me, loves fairytales.


8d17242657888e29b35855f27e32e935The second book I read was also a graphic novel called Three Remarkable Journeys Around the World by Matt Phelan. This book follows the story of three people living in the last two decades of the 19th-Century. They are Thomas Stevens, Joshua Locum, and Nellie Bly. Each of these people traveled around the world through differened forms of transportation. Thomas Stevens was the first to ride his bicycle around the world helping create a long standing reputation and populatity everywhere he went. He wrote a journal of his adventures and after he arrived back in the states, he submitted articles to the periodical Outing. The second person by the name of Nelie Bly who proposed a plan to travel around the world in 74 days, 6 days faster than Phileas Fogg, the man who Jules Vern wrote Around the World in 80 day about. At first her proposal was turned down but less than a year later she left for her trip and she traveled by boat and train around the world. The New York World newspaper, created publicity by selling the kind of clothes she wore and kept the readers updated on her trip and what she saw. The last person’s adventure was Joshua Slocum who traveled around the world (46,000 miles) in three years and two months. He is known as the world’s most famous loner. This story is mostly pictures with a few captions of his journal entries and a summary of where he was at headed next. The biggest difference is that the story isn’t just about traveling around the world for a reputation but in order to let go of his past and so many of the drawings show why he was such a big loner and also why he decided to sail around the world alone. I think this is a great book to have in any classroom because it is shows three real people who traveled around the world the hard way (not on a plane). I think it is also inspiring to show that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.


Well I am not sure what I am going to read next. I have a huge stack of books and not a lot of time so I guess we’ll see how many more books I get finished before the end of the semester. Happy Reading!

Motivating Readers

book3Hello and I hope you’re all enjoying the rain (for those who live in Chadron). I walked to the library from my room and I am cold because my jeans are soaked through. I really liked these three articles because they really show why the books aren’t the important thing. The important thing is to create book readers and encourage them to find the books that influence them.

Since this class, I have always wondered if my teachers choose those classic literature books because they were the books that the district or the standards required the teachers to teach or if the teachers just decided to teach the same books that they were taught in school.


Reading these article and looking at various state standards (for my library methods class) in English shows that there are no rules/regulations that say that the teacher needs to do these boring assigned reading and the only books they can use are the classics. I really liked the article “Aim Higher: A Case for Choice Reading and Whole Lot More in AP English,” because she really shows how big a difference a teacher can make if they switch over to choice reading and not one book assigned reading. She really proves her point when she talks about the score differences the students have in just one year after switching over to choice reading. Also from that article, I am really curious about what kind of colleges require all of their students to read Beowulf, and Dante in their freshman year or at all, unless they are English lit majors, I know I didn’t and I while I don’t ever want to read Beowulf (at least right now) I am interested in Dante’s work but I plan on waiting until I am finished with school before I start on his writing.

59ef9939604b27c9267d5124d973a28bThe other article that I really liked was the “Raising Students Who Want to Read.” I liked this article because it doesn’t just tell the reader that students need to be motivated to become readers and then give you reasons on why it is important. This article tells that this is important and then gives you nine different ways to do this. I like the quote on page 2 “The goal is to get students — at all levels of ability — to see that they have to begin somewhere.” I also like that one of the ways she recommends to teachers to get their students motivated is to use technology. I couldn’t figure out, in high school, why my teachers didn’t use technology outside of presenting slides on the projector during their lecture. There are so many ways to use technology in the classroom now and I honestly think that when you don’t use technology in the classroom you are already telling these students, who have lived in a technological world their entire lives and the information you are teaching isn’t relevant now with technology. When it comes to using technology to motivate students, have them create book trailers to post on YouTube and present to the class as their book talk for the semester.

04aeddbffac7126f9d8ac38b8d606561While the third article “Curing the Reading GERM’ was interesting, I couldn’t relate to it as much because full class assigned novels weren’t really required until middle school. This article made me think about how my elementary school teachers got us interested in reading and I am sort of interested in if maybe the schooling I got at the elementary school level was changed after I left or if maybe I just went to school in an awesome school district. I think the elementary school teacher who did the most in making me interested in reading was my 4th grade teacher Mrs. Bolton. She had us do various writing assignments throughout the year and in April she had us type them on white paper and she sent them into a book making company and we all received hard cover book copies of all of our writing from the school year and then we drew illustrations to go with our stories and finished them in time to give them to our mom’s for mother’s day. My mom still had mine and put it out on my display table at my high school graduation party. My teacher was definitely dedicated to getting us interested in reading because the more I think about her class the more I think about all the different activities she had us do. (we read fairy tales and the create our own and then acted them out in front of the class and also created our own comic book stories after reading the Garfield books and the newspaper comics)

ad0cbc2896ed1d16d9794fbe27d94804Even though I am not going to school to be a English teacher or an elementary school teacher these articles and this class has really shown me that as a school librarian I need to work with these teachers to create readers. I also know for sure that after I graduate, I want to immediately find a school that offers endorsements in Reading (why doesn’t Chadron have this?) and get that so I can use what I learned in this class to motivate and help those students who are behind or having trouble with reading.

It’s Monday! What are you Reading?

Me and my cousins after the musical Beauty and the Beast
Me and my cousins after the musical Beauty and the Beast

Hello and happy Monday!!! I hope everybody’s weekend was fun. I went home because my cousin was in his last high school play and all of my family was there to watch it. We reserved 23 seats for all of my cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents The play was Beauty and the Beast and my cousin was Lumiere and it was amazing the costumes, singing, acting and the set! I also took my bike out for the first time and went on a ride with my mom Saturday morning!

the chronicles of narnia prince caspian book cover illustrated by Pauline BaynesThis week I read the next book in the Chronicles of Narnia series: Prince Caspian. I am one of those odd people who like to read the book then watch the movie just so I can see the differences and see which side I like better. So after I finished the book last night I rented the movie and watched it and I have to say that they did a pretty good job staying true to the book. This book is the second book, C.S. Lewis wrote but it is the 4th book in the series. It takes place one year (in our world) since the Pevensie children fell back through the wardrobe, but it has been 1300 years (in the world of Narnia) since the children disappeared. Now there is a new kingdom in place with the idea of fauns, centaurs, talking animals and dwarfs are pure myth and the world of man is in charge. This book follows the new young prince Caspian as he call for the kings and queens of old (the Pevensie children) to help him take back his kingdom from his evil uncle who killed his father and plans to kill him after the birth of his son. This book unlike the movie doesn’t have as much action but it is still a great read and it truly gets you ready to read the next story in the series The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

6I rode my bike to the public library this morning to return, renew and check out some new books. Two of the books I checked out are the next two books in the Chronicles of Narnia series so I am planning on finishing these books this week so I can start reading something new. Hope your week goes well, Happy Reading!!